just can't get comfortable tonight. to fall asleep i have to lay on my right side, even if i end up sleeping on my left the rest of the night i just can't fall asleep any other way. well taylor has decided to just keep kicking my right side tonight and i can't get comfortable feeling all these little kicks on the side i'm laying! i don't know if he's telling me, mom get off there you're squishing me, or he is just super active tonight. i'm sitting here typing and i feel kicks and nudges all over the place. they are both busy bodies!

with the humidity aside i love summer in kentucky. we live in the city and i still can go out front to take out the dogs and sit on the front steps and watch all the lightning bugs. they still amaze me! they're just so pretty.
last year when our friends still had their pool i used to love floating around and watch them in the forest of trees across the way from her house. it looked like the trees were all lit up with twinkling lights. it's so calming to me.

we still have tons of bunnies hopping all through the neighborhood. one scared me the other night, i just saw this face coming up the hill in our front yard and i thought maybe i was imagining things until i realized what it was.