well, they prescribed me something for all my nausea and vomiting yesterday.
all it did for me was make me want to sleep, or fall asleep.
needless to say it didn't help me have an appetite.
so, like they told me i called the doctor's today. they had me come in and my bp was good, i've lost two more pounds....a total of 9 pounds lost since i've been sick. and......i'm dehydrated. so, they're sending a home person to come and hook me up to an IV for the next 48-72 hours depending on what they want to do. so i guess the lady is going to come out, hook me up and then give me a schpeel and leave me here attached to an IV for the next few days. it's going to have some medicine in it to help the nausea and get me all hydrated again.
they prescribed me another medicine for the nausea once the IV treatment is done that dissolves on the tongue so i can't throw it up.


i think josh is scared, he didn't have much to say about the whole thing. just if i wanted him to come home.

my mom asked if i was worried about working trying to fire me. i told her not really, but i am worried about all this time off without pay. we have bills to pay man. she told me not to worry about that stuff, and to tell her if we need any help at all. that was sweet of her.
i have no idea how this IV thing is going to be the next few days, needless to say i will be home bound and stuck up here.
i'm a little nervous about having an IV.