this day couldn't possibly go by any slower.

the more i think about it the more excited i get to meet my little boys.
i will wait til they grow more so they are big and strong.....but i get so excited thinking about being able to see their little faces soon!
i can't wait to see who they look like and what their personalities will be.

my ankles have been swollen every night this week. josh has been working sooo many hours and goes to bed so early every night and is out the door at 4:30am!

i woke up last night to some horrific lightning storm and was worried that minnie would be scared and hiding under our bed. i think she slept through it.

i wake up a lot more in the night now. i finally brought an extra pillow in our room to put between my legs or behind my back.
i am so uncomfortable feet hurt.

i went to payless today at lunch to find some comfy sandals to wear to luck....such ugly shoes.
i am sick of these slip on loafers...they are so awful and i am sick of having to wear socks or knee highs with them.

i can't believe i'll have eight month old boys when i get married. that's so crazy.
it's even crazier to think that i am going to be a mom of two! that! i can't wait.
it's unreal how your priorities shift so quickly.

my mom sent all of the baby shower invites out. i'm pretty nervous. i don't like things like that where all the attention is on me. it's not for another almost whole month. i just hope that the boys stay in and keep growing until at least august.

i still feel like someone punched me in the vag. my muscles are so sore everywhere.

they have been so incredibly active. i can't wait til our appointment next week so i can see them again!