25 weeks 5 days

well the nurse came last night and unhooked my IV, yesterday morning i woke up and did my flush and injected my meds and then a while later my IV stopped dripping again. i tried to flush out the line with the saline again and it burned like hell. well if the saline burns, that isn't good and usually means that the line was coming out of the vein. so i called and they told me to disconnect and they would send a nurse later that day. i called them around 10 since i got up around 7 or so, they didn't send a nurse out until almost 6. i was so happy to get the thing out of my hand. she checked my bp and had me pee on a stick to check my keytones and make sure that it was negative. it was! yay, so that means i wasn't peeing out fat anymore. i was officially rehydrated.
i ate a grilled cheese yesterday and some fig newtons, and kept them down!
my hand is still real sore and hurts if i hit it on anything.
so far today i've eaten some frosted mini wheats this morning, a piece of grilled chicken, some cheesy cauliflower and an ice cream cone from dairy queen!
i am so happy to be eating again.
they boys have been SO active.
we tried to walk to the bookstore today and good lord i felt so out of shape, my back was killing me and i just wanted to sit down and give up. it's only about two blocks from the house so i just sucked it up and ate my popscicle that i brought with me! my stomach has been a little upset, but that could be because i haven't had a real bm in days. it's seriously been like rabbit turds! haha.
i have my zofran to take every eight hours now, it dissolves on my tongue so i can't throw it back up. they seem to really been working so far.
so back to work tomorrow i guess!
i'll be happy to be out of the house again.
my sister shannon and evan were awesome and came and let the dogs out and visited me, my mom called constantly and usually caught me when i was throwing a fit and crying about being sick of being sick.