stats for today

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i've been feeling increasingly better thank goodness.
i can actually eat food and not feel too terrible.
i am having the worst heartburn ever no matter what i eat....but other than that it's all good.

we have been putting off going to the laundry mat for days, i finally have run out of clothes and we HAVE to go tonight so that i can have something to wear to work tomorrow.
apparently we aren't staying at work long tomorrow, my boss has deemed the day a gift to us and she is taking us all to Churchill Downs for the day. i've never been to a horse race....and never really had any interest in it at all until i saw derby this year.
so i guess tomorrow we will be having lunch at the track....and i am sure everyone other than me will be gambling and hopefully winning money.
we definitley don't have money to be wasting on gambling....and i am not one to gamble anyway.
if it weren't for the fact that a couple people are going to be leaving us next week i would probably ask to just go home when they all head to the track. but, because some of my favorite co workers are moving or taking other positions it's really my last chance to hang out with them for a bit before they go.
i wish i had a camera to take with me. i would really love to save up for one before the boys are born.
we have so many other things that i have to save for though.
i don't have any paid maternity leave....and that is going to leave us really high and dry to say the very least.
my paycheck pays our rent and a lot of our major bills.
i have to still pay the OB before i give birth and i know that we have at least $300 left on that bill. i have my ticket coming up that will be due to be paid in july or i'll end up with a warrant out for me....that's only $150 so that shouldn't be too bad.....this is just the worst possible time to be short on money....with me missing all that work, it's really making things a lot more difficult than i would like.
either way....we'll find a way to make it all work.