28 weeks.
it's amazing how fast it's starting to go.
they have been so incredibly active in there.
i probably don't talk to them as much as i should. i apologize for when i curse at people in traffic though. thank goodness they can't come out talking...oh the horrible things they would already know how to say! haha.
we have so much work to do in their room. it's such a mess. we have the other crib to put together even though they'll probably be sharing a crib for a while...and before that they'll be in our room either in a crib or if we get the co sleeper i registered for.
sometimes i get so excited to meet them and see their little faces i just can't wait! and then there are days that i am totally freaked out that i am going to be two little guy's mom! it's so exciting though!
i'm nervous about giving birth. mostly just not knowing how it's all going to go. it's pretty much up to them and if they turn or not. it's scary to know that even if Taylor is heads down and i can deliver him that i may have to get a C section still for Callum if he is breech.
i know that mentally i am ready to be a mom. now, financially and emotionally....i'm not so sure.

i can't figure out what i want for lunch. i'm really craving some thai food. i may have to just go and give in to the craving.......hey....the boys want thai!
i miss having lunch partners though....hopefully they'll have a paper or something i can grab to read while i sit there.

last night i had the hardest time ever getting comfortable. i layed in bed and cried for a while until i finally just fell asleep. my hips hurt, my legs ached and no matter how i turned i couldn't get comfy.
i'm glad i finally fell asleep. i was going to move to the couch if i didn't....i would hate to keep josh up all hours of the night when he has to be up at 5.

ok....on to lunch!