I am sure when people ask me how i am feeling or doing that they really don't want an actual answer.
you want to know really?! ok...well this morning while i was blowing my nose i started to gag and threw up in my sink for about 15 minutes before i could take a shower. don't worry, all i threw up was bile and stomach acid......so i am keeping food down, but now my throat feels like it's on fire. i haven't had a normal poop in weeks. i still can't eat a lot of food without feeling sick to my stomach. i wake up every morning with cramps in my legs and i toss and turn all night trying to get comfortable. i can barely get out of bed every morning at 7:10 when i'm supposed to. so i am usually late to work. by the time the end of the day rolls around i feel like i can fall asleep at my desk. i feel totally unattractive and haven't had sex in ages. the sad thing is that i don't even care. i have always been the oversexed crazed maniac and i don't even care that i haven't had any or that i may not for months. i have to stop every night when i get home after i walk up the front steps to the house, and the back steps to our door to catch my breath before i can even think about walking up to our apartment.

but.....i'm just peachy. thanks.

i really need some new maternity clothes. all i have to wear to work is sweaters because they are stretchy and cover my belly and it's getting really hot.
to do that i need money. which of course......i don't have.
i may need to suck it up earlier and ask for some help.

now don't get me wrong...with all this complaining comes the good things. i'm glad my babies are growing and thriving. i'm excited to be able to meet them and kiss their little faces. i can't wait to see what they look like and how much they look like me or their daddy.
this is just really taking a toll on me. i'm so exhausted and somedays i just want to cry.
i have to keep trekking through the days because we need the money and i have to work.