26 weeks

So, I had my first stranger notice I was pregnant and actually say something about it.
Up until now I haven't really looked pregnant. Just a little chunky. But I think my tummy is starting to poke out more.
All I ever hear is OMG you're 6 months!!!! You don't look like it.....

Anyway....so Joshua and I went to WalMart last night because we were lazy and didn't want to do laundry, so we went to buy him some more tshirts for work....haha.
We were walking through the kitchen gadget area and then past the candles and this young black boy with a huge afro turns and looks straight at me and says awww....she's impregnateded.
All I could do was smile and then laugh for the next eight aisle until men's clothing.
So, that was the first time a stranger noticed and said something! haha, and they used the word impregnateded. just like that with the extra ed at the end.

That of course made Josh laugh because I couldn't stop laughing. I just thought it was the funniest thing I had ever heard.
After WalMart we drove through Sonic and I got a blended root beer float....SOOOO good, and a kids corn dog meal. I ate the whole corn dog and one or two tater tots.
I drank almost the whole float.....and then had heartburn the rest of the night!
But, my float and corn dog were delicious.

We watched the season finale of Big Love last night.....I was so pissed! We couldn't believe that was the FINALE.......it didn't wrap up anything at all.
So now I think we are officially out of shows that we religiously watch.