I had a pretty nice weekend this weekend, besides the stress of Josh’s car breaking down Friday morning. I met up with him once he got back from Lexington and I followed him to my parent’s house to leave his car there. Floyd said he would help him fix it at some point in the weekend. We figured it would have to be Sunday since Josh had to work Saturday from 5am until god knows what time that day.
We went and met my sister and brother in law for his birthday at Ramsi’s Friday night around 8. It was nice to see everyone. There was about eight of us I think and our service was terrible, but the company was good and the food was great too.
Josh and I went home after dinner since he had to be up at 4am and I had to get up at 4:30 to drive him to wherever his coworker was picking him up from for them to drive to Lexington for the day. I was able to get out of bed pretty easy and get dressed to take him. I was surprised at how alert I can be if I have to at 4 in the morning. I of course got a horrible calf cramp before I could get out of bed…that was no fun.
After dropping him off I went back home and crawled into bed and slept with the dogs until about noon. Shortly after I got up he called me to come and pick him back up from where I dropped him off because they were on their way back. They went and busted ass and were coming home already. Haha I slept through his whole work day.
We basically just vegged all of Saturday and watched the UFC marathon and then passed out. I woke up at 9 on Sunday for us to get ready and go to my mom’s so that he and Floyd could fix his car and so my mom and I could fill out baby shower invites. It was a pretty nice day. My sister and Matt came over also. We brought the dogs so they could run around the backyard all day and they just loved it. I got all our laundry done at mom’s so I don’t have to go to the mat this week! Yay!
Josh and Floyd worked on the car most of the day and then did an oil change on both of our cars and changed our spark plugs.
They’re a bit worried about something going on with my car…I wasn’t too happy to hear about that. Floyd started talking about helping us look for a minivan or SUV or something soon.
I was so exhausted last night from all the laundry and invitation writing but I hard such a hard time falling asleep last night. The boys were soooo active last night that I grabbed Josh's hand while he was sleeping to put on my belly so he could feel what I feel when I am trying to fall asleep!
They were just all over the place. I love being able to feel both of them move so much. It makes me smile and puts me at ease to know they are wriggling all around in there.
Today my whole body is sore.

I have a new picture for everyone’s viewing pleasure!
My mom took this last Wednesday when I went over to her house for Shannon and me to go to Babies R Us.
I kind of like it…but my hair is really out of control.
I need a haircut BAD!

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