early contractions.

I called my doctor this afternoon to ask about all the tightness i was feeling. they had me come in and do an NST (stress test). i had a few good contractions while they were monitoring Taylor but none while they were monitoring Callum. i saw the nurse practitioner and she checked my cervix, no dilation but they decided to send me to l&d to have me monitored for a longer amount of time.
the boys heartrates were great, i did have some more contractions so they eventually came in and gave me a shot of brethine? i think it was. it made me feel like i was going to have a heart attack but i haven't felt any contractions since i've been home. thank god that feeling like i've been on a coke binge wore off and i got a small nap. i was supposed to go to my mom's to do laundry tonight because i am totally out of clothes, and bring back their vacuum cleaner and get a haircut. josh didn't get home til after 6 and i just started crying and felt so overwhelmed with the day and everything that still needed to be done that he demanded i call in tomorrow and relax and not worry about laundry just yet. he took the vacuum to my mom's and made me stay home and relax.
he's been working so much i feel guilty about not being able to pull my weight.
poor guy has been out of bed at 4am and doesn't get home til almost 7.
well now they are just hoping to get me to 36 weeks. i'm all preregistered so that's good at least.
this saturday is the baby shower.....i'm excited but nervous.
i just hope that i don't get any more contractions and the boys stay put for a bit.