Yesterday we just spent the day in our PJ’s watching tv and just laying around the house. I took a three hour nap at some point in the day and then spent half the night flopping around the bed trying to get comfortable to sleep. Needless to say my sleep was restless and I was extremely uncomfortable and finally cried myself to sleep at some point. I know I got up to pee at least 6 times. I have no idea how Josh gets any sleep with me in the bed with him.
So…here we are…another Monday at work. Boo.

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The first picture is the only picture they could get of Taylor since he was heads down and facing my back….so that was the picture of his hand he had behind his head.
The second is of Callum’s profile..and it looks like he’s blowing bubbles!

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Both of these are of Callum. The first one looking right at his face. It’s so amazing to see and kind of alienesque at the same time! The second one was the tech trying to get me some 4D shots…but to be honest they were more creepy than anything.