my cravings for smells have been so weird.
i LOVE the smell of rubber or new plastic.
it's sick. i spent yesterday smelling a rubber band and i just couldn't get enough. when we go to pep boys i just want to stand there and inhale forever.
it's so strange. i seriously was contemplating on trying to get a job at pep boys after the boys are born because i was so into that smell. how weird am i?

i have been having such a hard time sleeping. the night before last i tossed and turned and moaned and cried all night. last night i started that shit all over again and i got up and took my pillows and was heading out of the room. josh woke up and asked me where i was going. i told him i was going to lay in the living room so he could get some sleep. he told me to turn around and get back in bed, that i shouldn't be worrying about him and come lay back down. so i lay down and i am at that point crying like a baby and he just turned over and wiped my face and kissed me and told me to not worry about him, he'll be fine and to do what i can to get comfortable and just worry about me and the boys. he told me he loved me and just held me for a while. apprently it was just what i needed to hear and i actually didn't get up to pee until like 4am last night. it was the first time in a long time i slept almost 5 hours straight without waking up.

i've been so exhausted....but at nights i just can't get to sleep. my body is so damn sore.
i can't imagine having to go til 37 weeks or more.
my boss's daughter in law was just put on scrict bedrest for preeclampsia at about 33 weeks, she is expecting just one. i am thankful for being healthy thus far.....but i am just soooo tired.