have some severe issues.
pregnancy has most definitely messed with my sense of smell.
i can't stop smelling rubber bands.
i actually want to go to the auto part store....just so i can smell it.
it's weird.
i guess i should be happy i'm not trying to eat paint chips or dirt.

i had my WIC appointment this morning. all was well. apparently i hadn't gained anything according to what i weight the last time i was there....which was months ago.
i just talked to the lady about how i have been feeling and if i am planning to breast feed or not......and they sent me on my merry way with an appointment for october.
it will be interesting having to go there with babies in tow.

i have my doc appointment tomorrow for them to check my cervix.
i wonder if my eye twitching has anything to do with pregnancy. it won't stop. if i blow my nose it twitches, if i sneeze it twitches. it's driving me insane.
so far no one else has RSVPd for the baby shower. oh well. there will be a few of us and i am sure we'll have fun.

i found out yesterday that we make too much money for child care assistance. that sucks.