32 weeks 2 days

had my doctor appointment today at 11:30. All is well. My blood pressure was a bit lower than usual. But they obviously weren’t concerned with that. Both boys are now breach. They have dug their butts down low and are just hanging out. The doctor pulled in the ultrasound machine to make sure that she could make out both heartbeats and I got to see them both on the screen. She said they look great. She checked my cervix….which was awful. She had to tell me to stop trying to scoot up the table away from her. Man I felt like she was going up to her elbow or something. She said I am all closed up and looking great. I forgot to ask her what she measured my stomach at. My boss wanted me to ask them about when they think I may have to go out of work.....she said with the way I’m going right now, no time soon.
She said as long as I don’t have any preterm labor or any problems with my blood pressure that the latest they’ll let me go to is 38 weeks. It looks like we’ll be scheduling a c-section for 38 weeks. So that is only 6 weeks away! We'll see if the boys decide to move around again before then.
After my next ultrasound in two weeks I’ll be on every week appointments.
Old Navy has some of the cutest little boy t-shirts and stuff right now. I just got my mom to go on and buy a bunch of things that I wanted! YAY!
: )