32 weeks

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so here's where i'm at today!

my boss actually came up to ask me how i am feeling....i was kind of surprised. she usually just ignores that i've been out.
i told her about the vomiting in my sleep....she thinks it's acid reflux too.
i am pretty sure it is. i guess it's time to start sleeping sitting up.
i have an appointment with WIC tomorrow and then Thursday with the doc. they're gonna do a cervix check and the usual pee in a cup and all that.
then in two weeks i have another ultrasound.
i am becoming increasingly uncomfortable...and definitely growing.
joshua's birthday is coming up next monday.....i have no idea what to do for him...or get him. we're pretty tight on things right now.
my baby shower is not this saturday but the one after.....i am looking forward to it...but nervous...and i have no idea who actually RSVPd so far. i imagine that there won't be many people.
taylor had crazy hiccups last night. i got josh to feel my stomach while he was hiccuping....it was so neat.
he had hiccups again this morning as well.
what a strange feeling!

we watched the 16 and moving in last night on tlc. we both watched with our mouths agape and just shaking our heads. he told me to not even think about it. haha.
we watched part of the raising twins and sextuplets. good lord....i couldn't imagine! josh said that if next time i get pregnant if they were to say there were six he may have to start shooting people. ha.
i asked...well what if they said there were two again? he said he could handle that. this from the person who said no more after these two..........sure.........i know he wants his girl!

well, time to go and eat some pear apple sauce and maybe my yogurt.
i'm starving.