Doctor Visit

Well, I had another ultrasound and doctor visit yesterday.
It all went real well. Callum is still transverse with his head up near my ribs and his feet down my right side. Taylor was heads down and facing my back so we didn't get to see his little face yesterday. He wasn't budging. He was flailing those arms though. No wonder why I feel like I'm being punched down low! I am!
It was so funny to see that they are both kind of on the right side so there was this jumble of all four of their feet in one area. I forgot to bring the ultrasound pics with me to work today so I can scan them. The tech tried to get some of the 4D shots for me, but because Taylor wasn't facing us we couldn't see him at all and Callum kept putting his hand up to his face and made the 4D look insane. We could see that Callum has little chubby cheeks though! It was so cute.
The tech says they're still boys! haha. I have to ask everytime just to be sure.
Their heartrates were good...I can't remember the exact numbers today.
They are both weighing in real close to each other this time. Taylor is weighing approx 3lbs 4oz and Callum is weighing 3lbs 3oz! They said that I am doing really well. I mentioned the extreme muscle soreness I've had in my butt and the feeling of being kicked in the crotch....she said that's all perfectly normal. Her analogy was trying to sit a bowling ball on top of a very small bowl.......that bowl is going to show some stress. My bowl is definitely straining!
I was at the doctors for nearly 2 and a half hours. The wait between the ultrasound and to see the doctor was excrutiating. I was going crazy sitting in that waiting room.
I've finally gained weight. From when I was in there last, three weeks ago I gained 6 pounds. total so far from pre-pregnancy weight to now I've gained a total of about 15 pounds. When the doc measure my tummy she said that I am measuring at 36 weeks. So this is what I would look like if I was pregnant with just one and at 36 weeks.
Amazing....I never realized I would be such a small pregnant lady. I figured I would be a house.
She said I just hide it real well.
I promise to bring in the pictures Monday to work to scan so I can upload them for you to see. They're really only pictures of Callum and one of Taylor's hand.
I have an appointment in two weeks for them to check my cervix and then two weeks after that for another ultrasound.
They are pretty certain that I will be keeping them in as long as possible.
We discussed my options of vaginal birth to C-Section. She told me about how sometimes if Baby A is headsdown and Baby B is still transverse that I can try to do a vaginal birth, but sometimes they have to end up doing a C-Section to get out Baby B anyway. If that's the case I would rather just go C-Section all the way. No need to have double the trauma to my body. But, we still have time to see how they decide to move and situate themselves in there.