I am getting increasingly uncomfortable.
i'm guessing that i am having braxton hicks contractions.
i can't tell if its really them or the babies moving and causing such tightness in my stomach.
but, i could barely roll myself out of my bed last night to go to the bathroom and all i could do was cry out in pain and try to roll myself over and off the bed.
it was awful.
when my stomach tightens like that everything feels so heavy and it's harder for me to walk. i feel like something is just going to fall out.
on a grosser front.....it's getting harder to wipe myself.
i think i should get some baby wipes. either i think i've got all i can.....or because of the pressure it just pushes more down or something. it's weird.
i was so uncomfortable laying down to sleep last night. i just cried and then got up and cried laying on the couch trying to find some sort of comfort. needless to say.....i didn't really find it...i just got so tired that i finally went to bed to get some sleep.
i would love to be in my pjs today laying on the couch. i don't want to be in these work clothes. i don't want to go and do laundry tonight....and i just don't want to do anything.
i have to go and register josh's car before it expires though.