Lost and Found

I'm so excited.
I had lost my engagement ring probably right after I had the boys. I have some pictures of me holding them with it on....but it went missing and I couldn't find it anywhere.
Just now I was blowing my nose and blew out my septum retainer as I do a lot. It fell into a basket in the bathroom next to the sink with miscellaneous bathroom stuff.
I go through it to find the retainer and what do I find?!
My RING!!!!
I was feeling so awful that I had lost it and couldn't find it.
It isn't a diamond or anything like that. It's a titanium band with alwaysandforever inscribed on the inside.
It's not much to most people....but it's the ring that Josh asked me to marry him with. It's means a ton to me. We talked about replacing it with an actual "engagement" ring someday when we can afford it. But, this one holds the meaning.
I kept hoping it would turn up....and there it was!