We had the boy's doctor appointment today.
They had four shots a piece. I didn't cry, but I wouldn't watch her give them their shots. I always watch when I get shots myself.....or have blood taken, but I just couldn't see theirs given.
So instead I held Taylor's hands and talked to him and kissed his forhead as she stuck two in each of his thighs....poor baby. Ashley held Callum's hands while she did his.
They both screamed like crazy but calmed down pretty quickly and slept for a long time. They are both still sleeping on and off and crying out loud now and again.
My poor boys :(
They both grew a bunch from the last appointment three weeks ago. They are both 22 3/4 inches. Taylor weighs 12lbs 3.5oz and Callum is up to 10lbs 8oz!
They both gained about two pounds since last time.
The doctor talked to me about trying to prop them up a little and get them off of their right side so much. Both of them prefer that side to lay on and they both are a little flat on the head on that side.
So I have to prop them so they lay on their left a little and even it out. I do not want my kids to have to wear corrective helmets......but, boys do show if their heads are misshapen a little more than if they were girls.....since girls usually have long hair to hide anything.

Here are two pictures for viewing pleasure! I finally caught a smile from Callum on camera.
Oh yeah...tomorrow is my first day back to work. I am really sad about it. :(

They are going to stay here at the house and my sister and their Nana are going to watch them on alternating days. At least I know who they will be with.

Taylor in orange and Callum in the little monster

Smiles from my little boy. Their hair sure is lightening up.

Smiles from almost both of them at once.