Taylor has been drinking 6 ounces lately. He slept last night after the six ounces from about 11 to around 6 this morning. When he woke up he only drank two ounces and just now drank another 6. He hasn't even been spitting any up, which is just amazing. I figured he wanted more because he's been really upset after he finished his four ounces and I took the bottle out of his mouth. Callum drank his 4 ounces last night and slept from about 11 until 5 this morning.
Yay for some sleep!
Taylor is babbling and squealing so much. They both make me smile non stop.
I was hoping we could do something as a family today. anything. Josh got offered to work today, so he accepted. Which is a good thing since the overtime will be extremely helpful.
It would have been nice to have a whole weekend together. But we have the holiday next week and I think he has off both days as well.