22 weeks

i'm so exhausted today. i stayed home yesterday because i felt like i had a bladder problem coming on. it ended up being nothing, i drank a ton of water and felt fine.
i stayed home and slept some and then watched tv. it is really not a good idea to watch a baby story or bringing home baby while pregnant. i used to love those shows before....but now i think it just overwhelms me or scares me.
i am feeling totally gross lately. i need to dye my hair tonight and try and get a haircut SOON. my hair is out of control. i am getting bigger in the tummy area...but still not very big. everyone is surprised when i say i am over five months with twins.
uh...i dunno....they keep saying i look fine...so i guess i'll just keep taking the docs word on it. i don't have another appointment until the 22nd.
i've been feeling a ton more movement. i can feel kicks most of the day now. josh thinks he felt a kick outside of my belly last night! how exciting is that?!
it hurts to bend over to much now...they don't like me bending forward and squishing them.

this day cannot be over quick enough.

we went and stalked out the barnstable brown party friday night. we got to see Ludacris going into our local gas station K's...that was really cool. Kristen was like sup Luda....he just nodded and said sup. hehe.
Jerry O'Connell is really short in person. He was the only nice celebrity that actually walked along all the "little" people and gave hugs and took pictures...that was really awesome of him.
i got jermaine dupri to say hi to me...that was neat. we saw a ton of people again this year....but they had it set up totally different so it was harder to see them...and they weren't as close as they were last year.
it was fun to hang out with everyone and have some laughs.
let's not even discuss how awful my ankles looked by the end of the evening.....i think i scared my sister....she was like put up your feet....drink some water, as soon as we got back.
it was cute. i haven't stayed up that late in forever. we didn't get home until almost 2am....that is just unheard of for me anymore.