well even though my doctor's note had excuse from work from the 15th to the 22nd i had every intention of going in today.
then i woke up and started the day with trying to clear my throat and throwing up.
my throat is still swollen, today is the last day of my Z pack.
i still can't eat any solid foods and if i do throw caution and eat it anyway i throw it back up in the matter of about 10 to 20 minutes.
so, here's to another day of sitting here at the house. thankfully i don't have a fever.
i have an ultrasound appointment at 230 and then an appt to see my OB at 3.
i'm hoping that they don't find me too dehydrated or anything. i have been trying to keep up on my water and eating tons of popscicles. those are my only two saving graces.
anything else that goes in the tummy is rejected.
yesterday i was totally brazen as we did laundry and i tried to drink a diet coke, i have no clue what i was thinking. i think i just hoped that some small amount of caffeine would cure me. that of course didn't stay in for very long either.
thankfully the boys have been active, or at least one of them have so i haven't worried too badly about how they are doing in there. i just can't wait to see for myself this afternoon.
the joy of strep throat in pregnancy, what fun it has been.
i wonder how much more weight i've lost this past week, from monday to thursday morning it had been four pounds. my mom said my face looks noticebly skinnier.

i just hope that they haven't forgotten about me at work.
no one has called to check on me at all, or seemed to care that whenever i do try to check in all i get is their voicemails.