my fever has been below 100 so far today. so that's good. i was at 99.8 last night when i checked before bed and it said 98 something this morning.
i just tried to do the salt water gargle to help the swelling of my lymph nodes. needless to say i ended up puking in the sink. it was awful and now my throat really burns something awful.
this is my third day missing work. i guess they expect it because of the pregnancy, i hate missing this much time and i am almost out of paid time off. i have to be safe for the babies sake and be able to monitor my temp and just relax and try to get better.
joshua went and got me a slushee last night before dinner. i couldn't drink much of it and i felt bad. he had to drive to timbucktwo to find the thing and i couldn't even finish it!
i ate a small bowl of mac & cheese and one bite of chicken. i haven't attempted to eat anything this morning yet and after that puking session i may wait a bit.
i have these wonderful dark circles under my eyes and i must look like a vision of beauty.
my ears are in so much pain today, even though the doc said it was just radiating from my throat and i don't actually have an ear infection, although she didn't really look in my ears.

being pregnant with twins is just so taxing on your body, being pregnant with twins and having a fever and being sick is just a whole other ballgame. it's so exhausting.
i've never been so miserable when i was sick in my whole life.