21 weeks

I am always on here but for some reason I don't do very many updates.
I had my appointment last week. I was just pissed at the whole experience.
I got there for my appointment early like you are supposed to....I waited about 40 minutes until they brought me back to check my BP, take urine and check my weight. They then brought me to the room to wait another 10 or 15 minutes for the doctor. I had never seen this particular doctor before...apparently my doctors that I have seen before were all either on vacation or busy that day so they put me with this lady. She was like oh twins, were they planned? I was like no just my luck of the draw. Then she was like...so why are you here today? They must be hyper about your cervix. I was like...I guess so...they want me to come pretty regularly to check it since I am having twins. She only brought in the doppler to try and hear heartbeats...which of course doesn't really work to find two heartbeats. So then she was like lets see if we can hear this baby? I was like? babies? Then she corrected herself....my cervix was fine...she said I would probably have an U/S for them to check it...I told her they already had. She asked if I had surgery on my cervix before? uhhh...no.
So that was about it. I asked and expressed my concern about my ankles being so swollen...she said they weren't concerned because my BP has been just fine and for me to continue drinking water.

All that waiting and I got a doctor who didn't even look at my chart before I got there.
She had no idea why I was there....and acted like my doctors were hyper to be checking my cervix so regularly. Needless to say I was agitated.

Anywho.....so for this past weekend. We had a nice weekend. We had the Cherokee Triangle art fair that was going on just one street over from us. Josh got up early Saturday and walked to the bookstore and got a new book. I slept in until about 11 and then got up and got dressed and we walked around the art fair for a while. We then walked back up to the bookstore so I could look around and then we walked to Dairy Queen. It was a real nice day. My mom ended up having spare time so we went that day and picked up our cribs and mattresses. We got them all on sale so we still have some money left over from what my Pappaw sent for cribs.
I sent him an email thanking him, told him that we got a deal and had money left over and that mom could send him a check for the remaining amount...he of course said he was sure there were more things we could find that the twins need.

We went Sunday and picked up the grill at Sears that Josh has had his eye on. It was on sale for about $60 cheaper so he had to have it. We also went and got our closet organizer for our room so we could move all of our miscellaneous crap out of what will be the babies room.
So Sunday evening he got to put together the closet organizer and the grill.
We haven't put the cribs together yet. I think he may do that while he is off today.

I have been feeling pretty good. I was real tired this morning and I really wanted to just stay in bed.
My sciatic nerve was acting up yesterday and it really hurt to walk on my right leg.
I am craving caramel popcorn.
I still really need to find some more maternity clothes. I am having a much harder time wearing my bigger tshirts...they are starting to get to small on me. We went and checked out Old Navy's maternity section this weekend and I wasn't impressed at all....they hardly had anything that I liked.