i went back to the doctor this morning, she changed my meds and hopefully that will clear things up. i told her i haven't gone to work and if she could write me a note that would be great.
she said good and she doesn't want me at work right now anyway.
so i am out from work til monday at least, doctor's strict orders.
they didn't tell me, but i noticed that from my visit monday i lost four pounds.
she said to keep drinking tons of water and keep myself hydrated and eat popscicles.
i told her that i can't eat anything else.
she used the doppler and found both boy's heartbeats, i was really happy to hear that.
she said she could tell one was faster than the other but they were both so active and kicking the doppler and not staying still. so thankfully they are doing just fine!
i went by walgreens to drop off my prescription and picked up some gatorade and ensure.
i really would love a big mac but i know that it would be so hard to eat and probably would make me just cry. so, i'll stick to the liquids and maybe eat a couple pieces of cheese.
my temp was normal so that was good, i told her about it spiking and she said as long as it doesn't stay high long and goes down then it's nothing to worry about.
so that was good to hear.
i just want to be able to eat real food and enjoy it.
but, as long as the boys are getting what they need i'm happy.
and yay i get to see oprah's episode today about your husband sleeping with your best friend. haha
ok this is funny, family feud is twin's week.
ok gotta love daytime tv.