21 weeks 1 day

Ok, now if you know Joshua and I, you know that we aren't exactly typical soccer parents.
I am sure once I look more pregnant we will get plenty more stares. Myself with tattoos and the septum piercing, my love with all his tattoos, stretched ears, facial piercings. I can only imagine what people think as far as what type of parents we'll be. I have read things and heard people's ignorance already. They assume that we will pierce our children young...or allow them to just run around like crazy kids. We had already discussed if we were having girls that we wouldn't pierce their ears until they requested it....even with Joshua being a piercer. That is something that is someone's personal choice...and I would NEVER allow my kids to get their ears pierced by some teeny bopper in a Claires that has had 30 minutes of training with a filthy ear gun. My mom waited until all of us ASKED for our ears to be pierced.

With all that being said....we will of course dress them in things that are cutesy baby stuff...and things that are more "us" so to speak. At least until they get older and can start picking out their own clothes!
So, Joshua has already bought two little onesies with Future Jedi Master on the front since he LOVES Star Wars. They really are cute.

But....the BEST BABY ONESIES EVER are the ones that my love and great friend made for us!
She posted pictures of them this morning and I just love them to pieces!!

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They are the cutest ever!!!!!!!! Notice how one has a nose and one doesn't?!
I love them! Nothing like baby clothes that are punk rock and just plain adorable....and made with lots of love from their Tia Kerry!