State Fair

We took the boys again to the KY State Fair.
I've been pumping them up for it for a week or so.
I love going to the fair.
I love all the exhibits, animals, food, and people watching.
As I've gotten older I'm not much for the fair rides, but the Kentucky State Fair is held right next to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom and they open that park as an extension of the Midway which is pretty cool.

We've taken the boys the last two years, and went to only enjoy most of the indoor exhibits and animals. When they were babies they barked at the cows thinking they were overgrown dogs. This year they would only look at the cows from the safety of their strollers...they were a little too big from them up close.
This year they are finally old enough to want to brave some rides.

We set off that morning with Ashley, Matt, Shannon, Josh, the boys, my Joshua, our friend Becky and her son and myself.
We got to see a good bit of the animals indoors, and a few of the FFA exhibits.
We finally set off to the Midway after some corndogs and a bunch of potty stops.

We put the boys in their first ride that they decide they would like to attempt. It was a little train that just went around the tracks.
Once they were in and buckled and we gave the attendant our tickets the boys started screaming and unbuckled themselves and started to climb out.
We collected our tickets back and headed on to find something else to ride.
It started pouring! We went for cover in the West Wing where the bunnies were and then went to find Becky and her son since we had been seperated in the Midway.
We finally decided to just head over to Kentucky Kingdom side and see if they had some rides the boys could enjoy.
They finally had a blast!
I was worried we would be left with over 20 tickets after our visit and nothing ridden.

Ashley checking out a mule that we were sure would bite her face off.


Callum pet some goats.


Enjoying corn dogs!



Not sure about this train


We want OFF!


Next we tried the merry go round on the Kingdom side with Mom and they loved it



After the merry go round they were ready to try another ride on their own



Then we tried on silly hats




Our last stop was a play area that had foam balls you could shoot out of guns, slides and climbing areas. We spent over an hour playing in here!





We had a great day! The boys were exhausted by the end of the day.
The Fair was a success!