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I've had an obsession with the boys feet since they were born, or actually before that.
Seeing those little feet in the early sonograms definitely inspired wonderment.
We could tell from very early on that they had their dad's feet.
I would laugh and tell Josh, no need for a DNA test, just check out those feet!

I think that the biggest amazement about their feet is that one day I'll look and they'll be huge MEN feet!

They're definitely destined to have big feet.
They have their mom and dad's sides to thank for most likely growing up tall and big footed.

It amazes me looking at my husband and thinking about how his mom probably looked at him like this when he was young and now he's a man.
It boggles my mind that probably sooner than I will ever like I'll be looking into the face of two men instead of my little boys.

It's definitely been the most fascinating thing to witness, watching their marvel with all new things around them and how much they soak in on a daily basis.