The boys birthday is coming up and I know some people may be wondering what we want the boys to have, what size they are or what they're into right now.

I actually have an amazon wishlist for the boys that we've had for quite some time.
I started it mostly to keep track of things I thought they would think were cool, but it can make things easier for others as well.


Right now they're very into Superheros.
Mommy & Daddy ordered them capes they can wear all the time, since they're Batman and Superman pjs just weren't enough capetime for them.
We've been making capes from blankets mostly.

They're wearing 3T and could always use clothes & pjs.
I believe they're in 9 toddler shoes.

They're pretty much into most things little boys are into.
They've always loved cars, are getting more into movie watching lately.
They're not much for things that growl which kind of bums me cause they have the coolest giant Dinosaur at Target right now that I want! haha