Light years

I can't believe in 11 days we will have three year olds.
It's been such an amazing journey so far.
It's so exciting to watch them blossom everyday.
Some days I swear they are too smart for their own good.
It seems like yesterday when we were bringing them home, but we're light years away from that now.
We have two little people. They're so independent and bright.

Callum is his own little person. He's always done things on his own time, what we call "Callum time". He can't be forced to do anything until he's good and ready to do it.
He plays so well on his own and likes to do things alone. He's only a snuggler when he comes into our bed late at night. Usually he's too busy doing things to come and hug on his momma. He's pretty stingy with his hugs and kisses.
He loves to sing and you can usually catch him singing his own songs while he plays. We're pretty sure that he's going to be a sound effects man. He's always making up new sounds and always making noise.
You can look at him and just know that he has some sort of plot going on in that head of his. Our little thinker.
He's so easy going, usually he gets worked up only if his brother does. If Taylor wants something he has, he gladly gives it over and finds something else to play with. He loves doing flips off the couch and always asks me if it makes me very happy to watch him flip.
He's not easily photographed lately, since he's always so "busy" and won't stop to look at you if you want him to. He only will if it suits him.

Taylor is such a lover. He's a momma's boy and loves snuggling. He's very bossy which works with his brother's laid back attitude.
He wants everything just so. Everything has it's place and he is very particular about things being put away in the right place.
He gets upset when his brother doesn't want to play with him.
He loves getting his picture taken and has perfected his fake smile for the camera.
He's not as much of a daredevil as his brother. He's definitely the more cautious of the two. He wants to make sure it's safe before he tries it.
He's such a helper. He's always willing to help clean or cook and loves telling you if you've done something that he think is the wrong way.
He's always talking and making up stories. His memory is amazing.
He's non stop from when his eyes open until they close.

They amaze me everyday. Their excitement for life really bring so much joy to our lives.
We're so proud of them.

Newborn Photo (four days later)