One of the things I love about living in our town is the number have parks we have to choose form to go to on a daily basis.
We can almost go somewhere new every weekend.
This weekend we decided to go out Sunday to a park somewhere that had water features for the boys to run through.
They have quite a few around town.
We set out on our way before naptime Sunday and figured we would at least drive by the river front park and see how bad it was.
That place is usually packed on the weekends, especially how gorgeous it was out early Sunday.
We got there and there wasn't even a dozen kids there, there was even parking which was a sign that all was good.
The boys had so much fun.
I'm so glad that they aren't so scared of water now.
Hopefully we can renew our zoo membership and we can hit their water park this year before it gets cold again.
We played for a few hours in the water area and some of the playground and decided to go to the Tumbleweed on the river so we could sit outside and watch the river and let the boys watch the boats go by.
Our service was absolutely horrible.
The server spilled our drinks on Josh and Nana and proceeded to mop up the floor before even offering them napkins to dry off their legs that she had soaked.
Instead of having someone help her and either mop it up or get our drinks she did both and took forever. We had to ask for napkins to dry off with.
Josh had to go to the bar to get his Coke refilled and she disappeared basically the whole time we were there.
It was awful.
Josh didn't want to go to Tumbleweed anyway since he doesn't like their food much, that just solidified that we probably won't be patronizing another one anytime soon.