The cribs we got when the boys were born have definitely served their purpose.
The boys have never gotten hurt while sleeping in them, we've transitioned them to toddler beds within the last year.
They've gone through a few recalls but never for our particular model.
I was reading online and saw that Simplicity had another recall on their cribs and this time it included our model.
We've decided to take them apart tonight and bring them back to Target for a refund or for a store credit.
I would be fine with keeping them since we've gone this far and the recall really doesn't affect us anymore.
But, with that said. We'll never be able to use them again, I definitely wouldn't chance it with the recall and I'm sure that we wouldn't be able to sell them used or even give them to Goodwill and feel good about it.
So, we're taking the opportunity to buy the boys real toddler beds instead of the conversion and upgrading their room to a more "big boy" room.
I've been looking at a bedding set for the boys that has superheros since that's what they're all about right now.
I think this will give them a lot more room and function in their bedroom. The cribs do still take up a ton of room even converted.

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