Build A Bear

The boys decided as their gift to each other that they wanted to go to Build a Bear Workshop.
Taylor really wanted a spider, which of course they didn't have. He ended up picking a bunny, which seemed like a total opposite of what he originally wanted. He named his Bunny "Rover".
I knew Callum would pick a monkey, for some reason he's been wanting a monkey stuffed animal. Callum wanted to name his Monkey "Monkey Doo Doo Head" which I immedately nixed, so he was like fine, his name is "Fluffy". haha.
We went and they immediately plugged their ears from all the screeching little girls that were in there, it was pretty hysterical.
We didn't take any pictures during the process.
They each picked two outfits for their "stuffies" as they call them.
Callum picked a Darth Vader outfit and a Star Wars pj set.
Taylor picked a Batman outift and the Star Wars pj set as well.
Most kids just like to sleep with their stuffed animals but the boys love playing with theirs. I've never seen kids play with their stuffed animals like they do.

On to Fluffy & Rover






Anonymous said...

We yet to go to Build a Bear. Hailee has a huge love for stuffed animals she plays with them all the time!

Krissi said...

So cute! I've been meaning to take Ella to Build a Bear. I was going to do it for Christmas and let her pick a "stuffie" out for her brother and sister...but ran out of time and money! LOL!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following now!