Feeling Like Christmas!

The boys are getting SO excited for Christmas.
It's adorable.
They have certain ornaments that they know they're allowed to play with on the tree, so they like to take them off and put them back on.
Last night Callum sang "Santa's Coming to Town" while he put them back on and changed "Santa" to "Snowman" or "Stocking" depending on the ornament he was hanging.
It was hysterical.
This is going to be such a fun Christmas with them this year.
We haven't made it to see a Santa just yet. They caught a glimpse of him in the mall a few weeks ago, but that's been it so far.
We're going to the Bass Pro Shop near where I work since their set up looks so awesome, definitely more magical than the mall Santa.

My dad and Lisa sent us a Wii for Christmas, and we definitely couldn't wait to open it!
The boys have mastered it pretty much and have been having so much fun.