Thoughts of the Future.

Josh graduates in a month! It's been a long road this past two years.
I'm so incredibly proud of him.
He's graduating with just under a 4.0 and with quite a few dean's list certificates under his belt.
I'm sure in a few years he'll want to go back again and possibly get an engineering degree as well.
Right now it's my turn to start investigating school for myself.
I have a meeting next week with an adviser at Galen Nursing School to start their application process.
Ultimately I'd like to get my RN but will start with the LPN process part time.
Their January start date is probably full already so most likely I'll be looking at starting in April.
I'm nervous and excited at the thought of going back to school.
It seems like it's been so long since I've been in school. Let's just hope I can keep up.
Part time LPN programs will take me about 21 months to complete and then another year or so to finish the LPN to RN bridge.
It's time.
I'm ready to have a career instead of just a job.
I love the job I'm at now and hope I can continue working here while I go through school.
I love the people and the environment but have to think about my and my family's future.