Potty Training!

We've started what we'd like to call "Potty Training Boot Camp" at our house.
Nana was watching our friend's daughter, now that she's in a daycare Nana is focusing on the boys potty training at home.
Last week was their first week of serious potty training.
We aren't using any diapers or pull ups throughout the day, only for nap and nighttime.
We've cleaned a lot of pee and poop off the floor in the last week.
Callum is really catching on and is doing so awesome! He goes when he has to and tells you when he has to go. He's woke up most mornings with a dry pull up.
Taylor is a little more slow going. He's definitely more stubborn than his brother.
When this began I thought for sure it would be Callum that was more slow going. He was after all the one that said he would rather wait for Santa to bring his Potty Present rather than have to work for it.
Both boys have decided that they'd rather go commando and just wear their pj pants and nothing else.
I've given in and figured at least it's a little less in laundry we'll have to do.
We have to stay on top of Taylor and really get him to sit on the potty often through out the day even if he says he doesn't have to.
Last night the golden quote after asking him to go potty was

"Taylor do you have to potty?"
"Then why are you playing with your penis?"
"Because it's mine!"

I didn't have much of an answer for that one but to tell him to sit on the potty and try to go.


Lani said...

That quote is hysterical. "Because its mine!" Classic!