list of things that made it a good weekend.

* putting up the christmas tree with the boys. They were so excited to have it up and to help decorate.
* getting a WII from my dad and watching the boys play. They were so funny to watch and they had a blast.
* snuggling in bed with the boys and Josh watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.
* homemade pumpkin pie & my favorite sweet potatoes ever!
* not fighting any Black Friday crowds!
* spending time with my family.
* getting time to relax on Thanksgiving at Josh's Aunt Mary's while Nana played in the basement with the boys.

The sisters & I with Mom


My Papa & I (my stepdad Floyd)

Thanksgiving 09

The boys & I

Thanksgiving 099

Thanksgiving 0911

Taylor & Daddy


Hanging out watching football

Thanksgiving 096

The boys with my cousin's son Cayden

Thanksgiving 0910

Callum aka Mr Attitude