General Stuff

The boys are still dressing up daily.
Josh's Aunt Mary has added a crazy Rockabilly and Gorilla costume to the mix.

They're really into Scooby Doo right now.

Callum has to sleep with: Mickey, his Teddy Bear on specific sides of the bed, at the head of his bed it must be Black Cat, Black Dog, Bulldog, Snoopy & His Boo Boo Horsey (from his testicle surgery) Save us all of any of these can't be found because they have to play with them throughout the day and they always go missing.

Taylor has to sleep with: Mickey, Teddy Bear also on specific sides of the bed, at the head of his bed, Catty Moose (what he named his cat), Bulldog, mini Ming Ming, mini Tuck, mini Linny, Snoopy and sometimes Blue but he can be forgotten and no worries. Save us all if any of these go missing too.
Josh and I get to spend however amount of time to find the missing items or argue with them to go to sleep since they should have been left in their bed regardless.

They're always asking about people's mom's or dad's lately.
They made my mom cry asking about who her mom was.
They are trying to make the connections and understand who everyone's parents are.
They asked about Josh's Dad.
They know his name was Buddy and he isn't alive anymore. He got very sick and didn't get better.

They definitely know how to work me. They are always telling me how much they miss me during the day, or that they will miss me when I leave.
Rip my heart out why don't you! lol
They also know that I'm a sucker for cuddle time and will try to extend their bedtimes by telling me they didn't get any cuddle time.

Their vocabularies are unbelievable. They really shock me sometimes.

The memory on both of them is amazing as well. They can remember things from over a year ago in great detail.

I'm really having to push myself to try and not curse in front of them in any way shape or form.
Hearing them say "what the F" isn't so great either. Mother of the year over here.

Callum has been increasingly whiney lately. I just tell him I can't understand him unless he talks like a big boy and uses his normal talking voice.

They're SO stubborn about potty training. This has been so hard to do.
We have potty charts and rewards and nothing seems to motivate them.
Taylor did sit on the potty three times and got to fill his squares on the chart for some of today with stickers.
Callum just FLAT OUT refuses.
When Nana told them they could pick out a special toy for filling their charts they chose a Buzz for Taylor and Callum chose a Woody.
They told me tonight that they'd rather wait for Santa to bring them.

I'm really really trying to not raise my voice and stay cool and calm.
This is very difficult.
I hate how I sound and I really want to break the cycle.
I don't want them to grow up thinking that's the right way to communicate.
But fuck, sometimes getting heard over two three year olds needs a raised voice.

I really have a hard time feeling like I am molding my kids how I want them to be.
I am sick of people giving me shit or butting in about how things should be handled.

I need to just follow my heart and do what I feel is right.