I took some video of the boys thanking their Aunt Judy for their first card that came in the mail with their very own money!
They were very excited to have their own that wasn't just quarters that I let them put in their pockets.

This is of the boys thanking Grandpa John and Grandma Lisa for their AWESOME new chairs! They were definitely a big hit for their birthday.

Aunt Jan & Tony got the boys an ESPN batter machine that is so cool. Callum still doesn't quite get the concept and that he needs to step back a bit and really hit at it.
Taylor had it perfected by the end of the evening after practicing a bit.
We also realized that he mostly bats left handed.



I've realized that I don't much like my voice recorded! I sound so strange, my friend told me I just sound like a Mom! lol


Anonymous said...

that baseball thing is very nice! Looks liek they enjoyed thier birthday very much!