Single Weekend

I've been putting off getting my only two wisdom teeth removed for years.
I've finally been in enough pain to just get it over with.
I also had the boys all by myself this weekend.
Joshua had a bachelor party weekend for just the guys at a lakehouse.
It was definitely a hard weekend. I can't say that I ever look forward to being a single parent.
I have the utmost respect for women who do it.
I really can't imagine having to do it all by myself.
The boys were actually really good for me, but being the only person for them to call on made for a very tired mommy at the end of the day.
I tried to keep our weekend fun instead of just staying around the house.
We went to my sister and brother in law's house on Friday night.
Their Aunt Ashley hangs the moon to them.
They got to listen to some good music from "They Might Be Giants" They have some great songs for kids, a lot about science and they have awesome animated videos that the boys really enjoyed. They also got to play video games for the first time ever.
Ashley let them play her XBox and they had a blast playing a Spiderman game.
They don't quite get the whole hand eye coordination, but they really tried and had so much fun running around and shooting webs.
Saturday we went to Chic Fil A for dinner so they could run around the play area. It's a great space for kids to play in, but it smells like dirty socks and is in a sound proof box, so the noise is deafening for the parents sitting inside watching the kids.
We opted to go to Cherokee Park instead and play outside for a while before heading home.
We're spending our Sunday at my parents house and playing their Wii. We skipped nap today and the decision for Taylor has meant lots of break downs today.
Callum is his usual happy go lucky self. He's such an easy kid for the most part.

My mouth is still very sore from having my teeth removed and that's made for a difficult weekend as well. I'm definitely not my usual self.
I went Tuesday and still feel like I've been beaten about the face with a baseball bat.
I ended up not going to sleep for the procedure to save $300 that our insurance doesn't cover for putting you under.
I'm so glad that they're gone, but not real happy dealing with the after effects. I just have to remain positive and know that as soon as I heal hopefully the headaches they've caused with subside.