Happy Home and Full Hearts

Its funny how things work themselves out sometimes.
I wont lie and say that the road behind us hasn’t been hard. It’s definitely had its challenges.
But thankfully things really do seem to just work out. I’m definitely a worrier by nature.
I worry about everything. I’ve tried to not “sweat the small stuff”, but somehow I still seem to even when I’m consciously trying to do just that.
We’ve had a bit of a rough year.
But it’s also been peppered with lots of good things as well. These are what I need to remember when I start having a melt down.
We have a roof over our heads, even if the rent is behind. We have electricity, even if we have to go without to make sure that bill is paid.
We may not have a million dollar home, but what we do have is HOME.
It’s filled with love and family. It may be a total nuthouse from time to time, but it’s our nuthouse.
We both are hard working people, we both work full time and hold down the same job for the past number of years. Josh goes to school full time, which he will be graduating from in December!
We’re so proud of him. As of his last quarter that had just ended he’s received a 4.0 6 out of the 7 quarters that he’s been in school.
I have to remember to think of all of the things I am incredibly lucky to have.
Things aren’t perfect, they never really are. But, my heart is full and that always puts me at ease.