Fashion Lady



Taylor has started playing what he calls "fashion lady".
He likes to wear my heels, have on something else pretty, jewelry or a scarf will do. He then needs his cell phone and a "fashion magazine".
I think it's adorable and hysterical!
He also found me "fashion shoes" and made me dress up with him.
He then just parades around the house on the cell phone.

I had to add a little more commentary to this post because of conversations I've had with some friends about gender specific play.

Josh and I decided early on that we weren't going to be "those" parents that freak out about boys always acting like boys, or if we had girls the same with them.
I didn't want to have all gender specific baby clothes when the boys were little either.
I never want our boys to feel like we are trying to put them into a specific category.
I want them to be comfortable with whoever they are and know that they will always have our support and love no matter what.

Our boys love Tinkerbell and we're ok with that, they love the movie and they have fleece blankets of Tinkerbell under their DC Superhero bedding!
They wanted baby dolls when they were little and they have baby dolls.
They wanted a kitchen and they have a kitchen!
They're kids. They should be allowed to explore all things and all imaginative play without us trying to stifle them.