Our First ER Trip

We had our first Emergency Room visit for one of the boys.
Taylor turned to Nana while they were laying in my room reading books last Thursday and told her he swallowed a penny.
She said that he had a look of panic in his eyes like he was going to choke.
So, she called me at work and I called our doctor to see what they thought we should do.
They said to take him to the hospital so they could make sure that it was passing through his system like it should.

I ran out of work and got home, all four of us (Callum Taylor Nana and I) went to the ER and waited almost two and a half hours before someone came out calling his name.
They took us back right away to have his xrays done.
They did one of him laying down from neck area to groin and then did another of a side view of his throat and chest.
They tech immediately said that she didn't see anything on either of the xrays but we would have to wait for the doctor to be sure.
We got a room after that, after some confusion in the waiting room because of the twins.
They thought they had forgotten about us and that Callum was Taylor and still waiting.

Taylor sat in the room and watched Curious George and Callum set off with Nana to find Taylor something to cheer him up.
He was very concerned for his brothers well being.
I think because of his last hospital trip he was really worried about Taylor.
It was cute and sad at the same time.

The doctor finally came in and listenend to Taylor's lungs, they sounded great and he pushed on his belly to make sure he wasn't bloated or distended and gassy...all fine.
He left to look at the xrays and then finally came back and said there were "no foreign bodies found".
The nurse we had was awful and came in and scorned Taylor about eating money, which we had already had a talk about the TWO and a half hours we waited.
They gave us our discharge papers and we were on our way.

It was a nice to get to spend the day with the boys, but not exactly how I would have liked to spend it. They were both awesome during all of the waiting.
At one point we thought about making them cause a scene so we wouldn't have to wait that long....
It was also Nana's birthday that day! Happy Birthday!

Our first ER visit could have been a lot worse...so I'm thankful it was that easy.

When we got home Taylor brought me something in his hand and called it a penny......it was a sequin that they use with Nana for crafts.....so I think all that time was spent for actually a little plastic sequin and not a penny after all.

I haven't seen anything "come out" either.

Here are some pictures while waiting.....

watching Curious George


trying to look pathetic


Callum waiting patiently and eating his dum dum