Little Male Pigs?

I don’t know if this is just ingrained in boys DNA or what. Lately the boys have been talking a lot about what girls can or can’t do.
I can’t figure out where they’re learning this.
For Father’s Day my husband got a carving set from his mom. The boys promptly informed me that I can’t use knives because I’m not a grown up, I’m a girl!
Josh went through a list of all the people we know and the only people that could use a knife because they were “grown ups” were the men in their lives.
My mother in law called me at work today to tell me that we have little male chauvinists on our hands.
There was a show on the Disney channel this morning that was about tools.
They turned to their Nana and told her that she can’t watch it since she can’t use tools because she’s a girl and girls can’t use tools!
She told them that girls can use tools and she indeed does use tools and owns some of her own that were downstairs in our basement.
They told her that the tools downstairs were all Daddies’ tools.
Where do they learn this stuff?!
I know that we aren’t teaching them these things.
We’ve reiterated numerous times that girls can do things that boys can do AND vice versa.
I know that my mother in law wouldn’t teach them these things.
Is it Handy Manny’s fault?
Is it our fault that they don’t see me fixing things around the house?
Apparently we need to hire a handywoman.


Michele Lee said...

There is a show on HGTV that features a female handyman fixing up and making over homes. Perhaps it's time to watch a few of those.

And hey, what about Tinkerbell? Don't they love that movie and doesn't she fix things for the other fairies?