I showed my mom this picture today to tell her how much I think the boys look like me in this picture.
She agreed and told me a bit about where it was taken and where they were in life at the time. I wanted to save it so I can remember.

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Mom: gawd i love that picture, it was taken at rainey lakes in canada
and i was so madly in love with your father then he was so gorgeous too, we took a vacation
we had just picked him up in KY at Jans house, visited with her and brionne was just a baby then went to MPLS and canada, he flew into louisville worked out well, it was may and i had also taken judy up to jans with dani as a little baby 3 months old maybe to live with jan for a while Judy was real sick after living with Radcliff and his drugs for so long it was around mothers day cuz i remember stopping along the way and calling my mom and wishing her a happy mothers day

(I don't get to hear a lot of stories like this since my parents divorced when I was 9 and I don't remember where pictures were taken or what was going on. It's nice to hear little snippets like this sometimes.)