My boys are growing so darn fast. I haven't taken pictures very much lately. I have a few on the camera that I need to take off.
Taylor was cranky yesterday, Nana told me when I got home that she thought his teeth were bothering him. So I checked in his mouth and sure enough his two top ones are coming in now! I can't believe that at not yet 5 months that he's going to have four teeth already!!!
Callum's second bottom tooth is still taking it's time breaking through, but it's just right there and his poor gums are so swollen.
I stopped on my way home from work yesterday and bought some Hyland's Teething tablets and some new teething rings for them to chew on. They loved the ones my mom bought to keep at her house.

We did so much running around last night. We went by Once Upon a Child to see if they had anything good....I didn't find anything I liked. Josh of course looked at all the baby costumes! haha. poor boys.
Then we went to Goodwill and donated four storage bins full of clothes and toys. It was mostly things that people gave to me, I picked through and these were all the things that we didn't want to keep....or things that the boys have grown out of that we didn't think Once Upon a Child would take. We went into Goodwill to look around and I found a tshirt and Josh found a couple books.

We cleaned the office and then went to the grocery store to get a couple things and baby formula.
We finally got back home around 9 and I played with Callum until we went to bed. I got to sleep the whole night!! I swear on the mornings after getting a full nights sleep I am extra tired.

My stomach has been really upset lately. I've felt bloated non stop and have had to pee a million times a day. If I wasn't on the Nuvaring I would be worried and take a pregnancy test........even with the Nuvaring I almost want to take one just in case.