The boys had their four month appointment today. They both had four shots a poor babies. The nurse was pleased with their development. She sorta dismissed me when I mentioned that they were teething until she did the check in the ears and then went to check their mouths and was like oh my weren't kidding. Apparently they have a lot of moms that think their babies are teething early.....
Taylor weighed in at 15lbs 14.2oz putting him in the 70th percentile. He measured 26 inches putting him in the 85th percentile.
Callum weighed in at 13lbs 11.6oz putting him in the 30th percentile. He measured at supposedly 24 inches (which i think she did wrong) putting him in the 20th percentile.
Both of their head measurements were right around 17 inches.

They are growing so fast. They just amaze me everyday. Taylor is sitting up on his own for short spurts. When he gets real mad he'll sit himself up as well which just cracks me up.
They are little snuggle bugs tonight after their shots.

They're starting to look more alike as they've grown.

Callum looks like a smaller Taylor