Two for Tuesday

The boys really have enjoyed themselves the last three days.
My dad and stepmom Lisa are in town until Wednesday.
We spent Thunder Over Louisville at my sister and brother in law's house on Saturday.
They stayed up really late and got to watch fireworks.
Sunday we drove up to the Newport Aquarium.
Monday we went to the Louisville Science Center.
We've been going non stop and they've loved it.
In fact Callum cried about having to come home Monday night after dinner and wandering Target.
He wanted to go somewhere else. I am sure we will have something else in store today and they will be just fine with it.
I can't think of a better week for this to hit on than

National Turn off your TV week

Here they are enjoying the "being in a bubble" exhibit at the science museum today.



Megan said...

How fun! I totally forgot that was this week so thanks for the reminder. :) (And thanks for your comment on my blog!)

Anonymous said...

Love the new background it's adorable!!! And glad you and the fam are having such a great time. The boys look great! So big!