I am so lucky to have the husband I have.
He is incredibly patient with me and my issues.
He is always tender with me and always shows his love for me.
He finished ALL of our mountains of laundry!!
I couldn't have wished on a star for a better husband!

Besides that mushyness....we had a pretty good weekend.
Got more done around the house. We went Sunday with Jesse, Kristen and of course the boys to the St James Art Fair. It was ridiculously hot and we just buzzed from shade to shade.
We were all pouring sweat.
Josh and I did our usual Sunday cleaning of the office and finally got some grocery shopping done.
The boys have been going to sleep SO much better lately. They really do wear themselves out during the day at the house.

I am totally DVR happy.
I have a couple of things to still catch up on....like Dexter....I'm two behind now!
I can't wait to go home and watch the Rock of Love Reunion show too....I'm totally lame! haha.

I'm finally learning new things at the motorcycle shop, that makes me incredibly happy. I love learning things other than answering phones.
Today I got to learn how to do all of our parts orders through our vendors.
Sort of tedious....but exciting since it's new to me.