Pre Derby Time

It's that time of year again here for us Louisvillians.
I can't say that I am all that ecstatic to deal with all the extra traffic and craziness around town, but the boys are old enough now to enjoy a lot of the pre Derby celebrations leading up to the big horse race.

Last night the grandmas took the boys to a pre Thunder kick off party that they were having at Bowman's Field. They had bounce houses, slides, firetrucks, giveaways and retailers peddling their brand. The theme this year has something to do with Superheroes, that's definitely up the boys alley.

They also had a lot of the planes used in the air show for Thunder. The boys had a blast. Mammaw got to tell them about their Grandpa John riding in some of those planes when he was in the air force and they thought that was super cool.

They brought home each a bag full of more junk toys to fill up their playroom that Aunt Ashley & I had just finished doing a sneak attack on while they were gone. I couldn't help but laugh.

Nana forgot to bring her camera but she took some pictures on her cell phone. She still has an old flip phone, but these came out pretty good considering.

The boys and grandmas @ Thunder kick off

Taylor serious fireman


Creepy Ronald
Creepy Ronald! I hate clowns anyway.....